Wendy Gair (our Rhythm Time Business Owner in Tyne and Wear) has recently introduced our award-winning music classes to local nurseries (including those caring for a high number of children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities). They've proved so beneficial that Nursery staff are now spreading the word to other local nurseries about the positive impact they are having on the children.

Our inspiring and award-winning music sessions were created to be all-inclusive and beneficial to the early development of every child, whatever their individual needs.

"It’s fantastic and so rewarding to see the excitement in the children’s faces when I arrive at their nursery,” says Wendy. “The structure of the sessions means that the children are now recognising and responding really well to our use of routine and repetition. Each child learns very differently, so I need to adapt the activities accordingly. But it’s clear that the little ones each have their favourite activity and enjoy engaging and interacting, including those children who would normally need 1:1 support.”

Wendy adjusts the mix of multi-sensory musical activities to engage with all the children attending each session: Some respond well to the sensory activities such as bubbles, lights, sensory blankets and scarves, whilst others prefer playing the instruments or exploring physical movement to the music, depending on their own individual ability. Every element of the sessions is appropriate and able to be enjoyed by every child who subsequently responds in their own unique way.

“I also use puppets such as Rat-a-Tat (our ‘listening’ bunny) and Arabella (a doll that I hide during the session and the children take great delight in finding her). This is a wonderful way of creating interaction and conversation with the children and helping them to explore their emotional and social awareness, as well as increasing their confidence.”

“Rhythm Time is the best experience,” says Fatiha, Playgroup Leader at Nunsmoor Nursery, part of Footsteps Children’s Services Ltd. “Children are excited to see Wendy each week, they are learning skills such as turn-taking, following instructions, moving to the beat of the music and playing rhythmic patterns with instruments to music. Rhythm sessions are also helping our children develop their language and literacy skills.”

What seems evident is that the children love the security they get from the structure and repetition of the classes. They know what to expect each week and any new activity is introduced gradually.

“The children thoroughly engage in the Rhythm Time sessions,” quotes Donna, Strategic Manager of Dolphin Street Nursery. “They are very inclusive of the children’s levels of development and ensure all children are included. Children are learning different rhythms and enjoy using the different resources Wendy brings with her. They also ask about Arabella and have lots of fun trying to find her.”

Rhythm Time are extremely passionate about the benefits of music. In fact, our multi-sensory sessions are so inclusive and beneficial that they have also been introduced in other parts of the UK to the elderly in retirement homes and to young inpatients in children’s hospitals.

For further information on classes or if you'd like to discover more about our nursery sessions, find your nearest Rhythm Time contact HERE